Thursday, March 10

New Cover Art

Things are accelerating rapidly toward the Salute show in April.  There was another round of work completed on the terrain layout last weekend and I have another session booked for this Sunday.  I am very close to actually getting some paint on it!  This photo is just the sand and some texture added, there are a lot more details needed before we start the super-detailing work.   I took delivery of several bags of palm trees and now think I have more plastic palm trees in my house than anyone else in the UK (all under 9cm's).  Buying in bulk from China is great for keeping tree cost down, but you do get an awful lot of foliage - you may see my spare palms on ebay soon!

This new sample front cover is still in draft and features the new cover art in all its glory.

Plans are to have the V1 of the Gruntz rules available for players by the end of March.  If you like anything you see here, please sign up to the yahoo group link above where all the chat about stats, rules and game feedback is happening with the 490+ members.  You can also see more about Gruntz on my Youtube channel here:

I have just finished a full "old-style" non-video battle report for a gaming magazine and have more article work to complete soon.  Full details of this report will be available soon, but you will have to wait for publication in the magazine to see the photos and after action report. I have to now stop doing "stuff" and focus back on the core rules over the next 3 weeks.  It is going to be a busy time before Salute!