Sunday, October 17

SELWG Participation Game

I had a great day today at the SELWG 2010 Wargames convention in Crystal Palace. I did not get much of chance to look at much around the show because we were busy running the 15mm SCI-FI Miniatures game Grunts.

It was a participation with a Kra'Vak alien forces beaching on a terrain layout defended by GZG New Israeli forces. The Kra'Vak had a primary objective of disabling a VTOL launch pad and a secondary objective of knocking out a fuel processer being operated by a contractor. The New Israeli defending force were given the task of destroying the APC carrying the Kra'Vak Commander and also annihilating a defecting NI trooper who had guided the Kra'Vak to the ideal landing location for hard currency.

Thanks to GZG for supporting the game with freebie prizes to players that joined in the participation sessions. Also thanks to Duncan and Ray (Ray of the hairy tribe from Wales) for helping to pass on knowledge of the game to participating players.

Here is a short video of the game.