Saturday, July 17

GruntZ 15mm SCI-FI Skirmish Wargame

I have written a SCI-FI skirmish rule set in 15mm called "GruntZ" and I am looking for some beta test and volunteer support to help turn the draft into a final product.  It is written directly for 15mm, rather than a shrunken 28mm game and provides full scope for combined arms using vehicles, squads, aliens and drone / automaton technology.

It is a simple fast play turn based system with a focus on adding interest to the game through the special abilities and unique technology used by various factions.

Each squad and vehicle will have its own profile card which will depict the model and explain the special rules that relate to it.

At this stage I have approval from two main 15mm SCI-FI miniature companies to use their factions and figures in the system which will allow me to create some clear rules for the most popular 15mm SCI-FI miniatures.

If you have the time and energy to help out and want to try them for yourself please comment on the blog here and I will make contact.