Monday, October 11

Terrain Part II Un-boxing roads.

Un-boxing is a popular Youtube topic, mostly for people opening exciting new technical gadgetry. In this video I am opening some new perspex roads from who are producing cut sections of perspex for 28mm, 15mm and 6mm gaming. You can see how clumsy I am opening the box and how I fail with a pair of scissors.

It was incredibly fortuitous that I discovered these roads just as I started the terrain project and they are perfect for making a city block area without the usual struggle needed to find something the right scale for 15mm SCI-FI miniatures. They also look great, are easy to layout and are low cost. If you are outside of the UK they also come in a flat-package so shipping costs are low.

I also play a lot of 6mm scale games mostly Future War Commander or Battletech and these same small scale roads will be perfect for 1:300th and 6mm.  Scott at S6 was very helpful in the ordering process and has some great new product coming soon.

I used some textured spray paint on the perspex, which  I bought at B&Q (A UK home / DIY store) and was surprised with the quick result on the roads.  It gave them a very quick textured finish with minimal prep work required. Details of the spray used are in the video.